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Patio Doors

The TWINS patio doors are made of high quality extruded vinyl, and manufactured to match TWINS's quality and craftsmanship. They offer exceptional strength, rigidity, and tolerance, while maintaining superior insulating values.

  • Extruded PVC vinyl frame best resists the transfer of heat and cold, and will not warp, split, or rot.

  • The stiles are reinforced with aluminum or steel for strength.

  • Full perimeter, double weather-strip minimizes water and air infiltration.

  • Two tandem steel rollers provide years of quiet, smooth operation.

  • Aluminum screen with fibreglass mesh, and four adjustable steel rollers.

  • Complete with durable surface mounted lock.

  • Sill is sloped to ease water runoff.

  • Fully reversible can be assembled to slide left or right.

  • Tempered glass, LowE on clear, 1" Warm Edge sealed units.

  • Wood with vinyl clad frame system offers all the series features but with additional frame rigidity. Wood frame allows for casing to be easily nailed to door frame.

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