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Garden Steel Insulated Doors

With our garden door collection you can open your home to the beauty of the outdoors. They are designed to replace existing sliding patio doors to offer easy access to your backyard sanctuary. With various hinging options, you can customize this collection for your individual needs. Add openness, elegance, and sunshine into to your home.

For homeowners who want the qualities of a steel insulated door but like the feel of large open lites, the Garden Door offers the best of both worlds. The doors open wide to summer breezes but close tightly to keep out the harshest weather. Designed with a highly effective combination of weather stripping, a positive seal is maintained on all sides.

Combinations of 3 or 4 doors create a bank of warm light in your home, complete with just the right decorative lite styles chosen from a wide selection. Garden doors are innovative in design, with a fixed central post and two operable doors. One door panel swings out as an entranceway, while the other door is crank operated to open out, providing controlled ventilation with a durable screen. Double camlocks lend added security to both doors. Choose from wood, metal clad wood, or Vylguard prefinished frames to tailor these doors to your home. Sill sweeps can be adjusted on site, after installation, to ensure a proper fit and tight seal.

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