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Garden Windows


Catch the sun and keep everything else out. A unique way to bring summer inside, even on the coldest winter days. GARDEN WINDOWS give your "green thumb" a chance to work all year round. Plants, flowers and herbs... spring, summer, fall and winter. No major construction, no fuss...GARDEN WINDOWS are custom made to fit existing openings. Installation is simple and fast, you should be ready to start enjoying your new GARDEN WINDOW in less than a day.


  • Slim design to produce maximum glass area

  • Superior weatherstrip  design and placement eliminates leakage

  • Specially selected mastics ensure window integrity

  • Insulated seat for maximum efficiency

  • Custom sized to meet requirements

  • Patented installation hook system

  • Custom vinyl compound, designed for North America

  • Multi-chambered  uPVC extrusion

  • Heavy duty aluminum reinforcement inside extrusions

  • Fusion welded corners

  • No exposed installation holes

  • All installation screws engage the steel reinforcement

  • Sophisticated drainage system to ensure rapid water evacuation

  • Positive locking extruded hinge system on top vent

  • Truth "Pivot Cam" hardware for positive locking action.

  • Truth pole operator

  • 30 Degree standard sloped head

  • 16" projection

  • Removable screen for all vented openings

  • Standard colour: 137 white in and out

  • Custom exterior colours are also available!

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